Many commentators and social activists are for the French Government to expel 1000s of Roma expressed anger as well as confusion, many people will be the special part fastener and the expulsion on the Jews during World Warfare II, for comparison, but it really is difficult identify what the heck is more outrageous moves, is Sarkozy's anti-Gypsy policy or criticism of the anti-Semitic measures mentioned. From the modern history of Italy, the wartime Vichy regime did not have a monopoly to the xenophobic policy type deal with. Throughout the century-old history from the 20th century, the history in the French Republic has laid a government of discrimination against Roma administrative and authorized basis.

In 1912, the us government of the Republic of France on the adoption of a law tailored for the homeless, the government also created a special identity card for Roma's system, the legal title inside Roma Pi "nomads" swapped out. Government identification card system to track inside a battle of the whereabouts of the Roma in the country, they rarely stay in the government customization fastener set up residence. This situation occurred from the 20th century, a switch of 30 years, from the Eastern in addition to Southern Europe with a crowd of religious and political refugees into the French government established a different identity system, as the historian Pierre talked about, However, this system is limited on the more stringent the composition belonging to the French national profile, and better positioning folks that do not belong to help ethnic groups in Portugal. With the emerging role of the ruthless regime in Portugal, formed a few "special gathering center" colony of those refugee camps like those just arrived in France to be local Roma stepping gemstones. At the same time, the French parliament adopted a law allowing officials the ideal to deprive those exactly who recently obtained French nationality with natural citizenship. Then, leading to a German invasion of Italy, the French government ordered local officials to "nomadic" driven to the designated areas. In warrant its actions, the French government said those who are not home, no land along with the professional skills of the homeless happen to be on the French pressure to national security, needs to be "eradicated. "Republic will not be endless implementation on the Gypsies or Jews racist guidelines, not to mention the expulsion these groups organized to death camps.

However, the history of French democracy coexist with authoritarian consecutive observation ignores that democratic countries would just like dictatorship, like the enactment of xenophobic and racist plans. From Plato to Tocqueville had warned that the dangers of majority rule, especially in the majority language in minority beneath the spell of emotive excitement and action to become unable to cope. Contemporary French and Romanian Roma is a great example, although the existing policy isn't going to like the time while France and Ceausescu's Romania since harsh, but the Roma usually are still considered marginal groupings. In today's Romania, the Roma's poverty rate is the average of three times the low endurance, high illiteracy rates, using some areas, Roma unemployment quote even reached 100%. Romania started the EU, the federal had plans to build better policies for Gypsies towards mainstream society.